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Kichijoji Losers (2022): Season 1

Apr. 11, 2022
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Kichijoji Losers (2022)
6 people considered “losers” in life begin to live together in a mysterious share house.

Abiko Satoshi is a high school teacher. His life went by smoothly, until a case changed his life.

Oba Sakura is the chief editor of a fashion magazine. She is finalizing a divorce with her husband.

Hata Manta is a retail employee involved with product demonstrations. He considers himself an entertainer, but he is not popular at all.

Mochizuki Mai moved to Tokyo from Hakata. She works at a hostess bar.

Kurumizawa Midori is a civil servant. She is diligent at her job, but she is in mired in debt due to her gambling addiction.

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